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Work is Evolving

Buy and sell services, freelance work and bounties on a trustless, non-custodial Web3 platform.
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Publish a smart template to field proposals from customers and bounty hunters. Administer contracts using powerful "Solver" dapps with secure escrow and centralized or decentralized management and arbitration.
Sell Services
Publish your smart template in 5 minutes and sell your services or freelance skills
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Tap into a global community of talent with trust-minimized, secure bounties
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Discover services and job opportunities exclusive to Web3
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Find the perfect solution in our marketplace or create them yourself in our no-code environment

Feature Rich

Dapps built on our stack are seamlessly compatible with an ecosystem greater than the sum of its parts


Bring your own Gnosis Safe, keep your data on IPFS and use the management schemes that work for your organization


Quickly create full-feature solidity dapps compatible with a growing marketplace of solutions


Hire contractors, sell services and enforce contracts

Quit a Boss

Discover how you can bring your talents to web3 network for yourself or within a decentralized cooperative*
🟢 Live on Ropsten Test Network

Build a Solver

Learn how to build your own Solver, contribute to an Open Source Project in TypeScript and Solidity and create new opportunity for millions of people at a time.
*Open Source launch Q4 2022

Market a Solution

Create outcomes, load and connect Solvers, define allocations and compose complete business solutions powered by smart contracts with our intuitive no-code editor*
*Composer official launch Q4 2022
The Future of Work isn't just about digital organizations and self-sovereign remote workers, it is about unlocking new forms of human coordination.

Imagine it,

build it

Work is evolving.

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