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Work is Evolving

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A New Era for Million-Sided Marketplaces


Escrow contracts that allow seamless technical interoperability in transactions.

Web3 Native

Decentralized technologies to build a secure, transparent, and trustless marketplace.

AI-Powered Matching

Bleeding-edge AI for personalized matches and streamlined information processing across platforms.

No-Code Web App

User-friendly platform that allows for easy Solver design, management, and collaboration.

Decentralized Data Storage

Enhanced security and user privacy through Arbitrum and Ceramic integration.
Technical Interoperability


Solvers are customizable smart contracts that enable on-chain transactions, integrate with other smart contracts and blockchains, automate and innovate, and simplify complex transactions in a decentralized ecosystem.
Informational Interoperability

AI Real-Time Matching

AI-powered candidate and job real-time matching revolutionizes the hiring process by analyzing and comparing job requirements and candidate profiles in an instant. By leveraging the power of modern LLMs and vector databases, this innovative approach identifies the most suitable matches between job seekers and available positions, streamlining the recruitment process, reducing time-to-hire, and ensuring that the right talent is connected with the right opportunity.
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The Convergence of Web3 and AI

Future of Work Unlocked

Integrating Web3 components into a unified platform leveraging AI streamlines user experience, revolutionizes work, and fosters value capture in the decentralized ecosystem.

Imagine it,

build it

The Future of Work isn't just about digital organizations and self-sovereign remote workers, it is about unlocking new forms of human coordination.
Work is Evolving.

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